Canada is made up of diverse cultures, climates and landscape, which makes it a highly desired destination. At AKM Law we can work with you to explore your options to visit, study or work in Canada.

Any admissibility issues dealing with medicals or criminality can be overcome if dealt with appropriately.


When visiting Canada there can be many immigration hurdles to overcome. At AKM law we can assess your admissibility and advise if you require a visa, eta or TRP to enter.

We can help you with:

  •  Tourism
  •  Tourism and Work
  •  Family
  •  Extend Stay
  •  Temporary Resident Permit


Many international students choose Canada over other potential destinations because of certain advantages that come with studying in Canada. With quality and more affordable tuition at renowned universities and colleges in safe cities, and employment options both during and after the study period, the decision to study in Canada can be life changing.

At AKM law we can help you choose the best institution that suits your academic needs. Obtaining an education at a particular institution with a specific degree may make you eligible and increase your chances of staying in Canada permanently.


Work permits are required for most temporary jobs in Canada, however there are specific situations where they are exempt, for example they are not required to engage in international business activities where you do not directly entering the Canadian labour market.

Canada recognizes that there are labour shortages and as a result assists employers by supporting the hiring of foreign workers based on their potential to become economically established in Canada. At AKM Law we are able to help employers bring in skilled workers, and if desired, transition them into living in Canada permanently.

We can help you with:

  •  Work Permit
  •  Business Visitor
  •  Hire a Foreign Worker
  •  Film and Television
  •  Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  •  Intra-Company Transfer
  •  NAFTA Work Permit

Benefits of Legal Advice Prior to Starting your Immigration Process

It is always a good idea to obtain legal advice prior to making a decision or starting your application. Consulting with a lawyer can help you:

  •  Understand your most effective options;
  •  Identify and minimize potential refusals or delays; and
  •  Be advised of the most up-to- date Immigration laws and polices affecting your application.

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