Canadian immigration can be very complex and we understand that receiving a refusal, deportation, removal order or a negative decision from Immigration Canada can be a confusing and frustrating experience. There are strict deadlines and mandatory filling requirements that must be undertaken to appeal negatives decisions. At AKM Law we can provide you with the necessary representation to help you with your appeal.

We can help you with:

    •  Medical Cases
    •  Criminal Cases
    •  Deportations
    •  Removal Orders
    •  Misrepresentation
    •  Protected Person Inadmissible


  •  Federal Court Applications
  •  Immigration Appeals
  •  Mandamus
  •  Detention Reviews
  •  Stay Removal
  •  Protected Person Application

Benefits of Legal Advice Prior to Starting your Immigration Process

It is always a good idea to obtain legal advice prior to making a decision or starting your application. Consulting with a lawyer can help you:

  •  Understand your most effective options;
  •  Identify and minimize potential refusals or delays; and
  •  Be advised of the most up-to- date Immigration laws and polices affecting your application.

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