Top Immigration Lawyer in Canada: How Can One Help You Out?

Immigration Lawyers in Canada

Over three hundred thousand people immigrate to Canada from across the world every year. It is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to work and a great place to study. The high standard of living, the low crime rates and the easy access to essential services such as healthcare make it such a popular location for people to settle down. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you need a lawyer to help make the process smoother. Finding the Top Immigration Lawyers in Canada can be a little confusing. Here’s a short guide on why you need a lawyer and how you can find one.

Why do you need legal help?

The immigration process can be quite difficult, even though the country it quite welcoming. You need to get through the stringent screening process to be eligible to settle in Canada. Canada provides primarily two types of immigration – primary residence and temporary residence. There are a lot of subcategories in them too.

To apply for the immigration policy that suits you the best, you need to go through a lot of paperwork. Your immigration application needs to be perfect from the start to the finish. There cannot be any missing information or discrepancy. This is exactly why you require an experienced lawyer to help you out.

The biggest cause of rejected applications is the lack of experience. Hence, it is better to let a lawyer handle your application for you instead of doing it yourself. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a lawyer to help you with your immigration.

  • An immigration lawyer knows the procedure better than you do. He or she has worked on cases previously and hence knows exactly which immigration policy will be right for you and how to fill out your application form.
  • Immigration lawyers are aware of the common mistakes that people make. With a lawyer, your application will be filled out much faster and accepted easily. There will be less waiting if you hire a lawyer.
  • Speed is an important factor. A lawyer will also have other staff under him, such as assistants who will work with you and prepare all the required documentation so that your immigration application is accepted without any hiccups.
  • With an immigration lawyer, you will get personalized service. If you need someone to listen to your issues, understand your problems and help you accordingly with the immigration, you will need to hire a lawyer
  • With a lawyer, your chances of rejection are reduced a lot.

Key Requirements for Immigration

If you want to immigrate to Canada, there are a few basic requirements that you need to fulfil. The requirements vary a lot based on the immigration program that you are applying for. There are some of the key requirements that you need to fulfil to be able to enter Canada.

Education: You need to provide a foreign Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) during the application process. This is an evaluation that compares the academic degrees in one country with the other. This will allow the officials to know how your education compares to that of Canada’s standards.

Language Proficiency: You need to have a proof of language proficiency in languages such as English and French. A certification, such as IELTS is required.

Health Records, Criminal History: You need to have good health and clean criminal records to be accepted into Canada. However, all these vary depending on what program you are applying for.

When applying for immigration, getting in touch with the Top Immigration Lawyers in Canada can be quite helpful as they can guide you through the extremely confusing, complicated and lengthy immigration process.


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