Hire Immigration Lawyer in Guelph For Temporary Resident Visa

Immigration Lawyer In Guelph

A lot of people immigrate to Canada each year, some as students, some as employees, some as residents. Broadly, Canada visa can be classified into two categories – permanent and temporary. Most people move to Canada with temporary visas. These include some work visas as well as student visas. Getting temporary resident visas can be quite a challenge. Even though Canada is quite a welcoming country, they have extremely stringent immigration rules with a large number of immigration programs and policies. The rules and regulations are quite dynamic, changing from time to time. Therefore, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, its always advised consulting an immigration professional. If you are moving to Guelph in Ontario, you can look up Immigration lawyers in Guelph.

Steps for Applying for A Visitor Visa

In order to apply for a visitor’s visa, one has to visit the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in their country to find out which is the suitable program for them and if they are at all eligible for the program. Visa officers are responsible for deciding if a candidate is eligible or not. If you have contact with an immigration lawyer in Canada, you can know beforehand the steps you need to take to ensure that your visa application is processed smoothly. You can look up any Immigration law firm in Guelph online and get the information.

The standard requirements for being eligible for the visa to include the following:

  1. Financial status is an important criterion. One must be able to pay for the fares to return to his or her home country once they have completed their Canada visit. Moreover, one must also have the funds to support themselves throughout their entire time in Canada.
  2. One must have sufficient ties to their home country. This acts as one of the reasons for leaving Canada on time.
  3. They should also have a place to stay in Canada during their visit.
  4. The duration of the visit and the duration of previous visits to Canada also play an important role. If you have visited Canada in the past, then your application will get processed faster.

The above factors are just some of the criteria that are checked before your visa application is processed. If you are dubious about your visa application, you can easily get in touch with the Best Immigration Lawyers in Guelph online. You can mail them and ask them what else you need to do to ensure that you get a temporary resident visa.

A visa application involves a lot of paperwork. This is where you need the help of a professional. A well-documented application that has been carefully prepared has a much higher chance of acceptance. Moreover, the stringency with which the application is processed also depends on whether you are applying for a “single entry” or “multiple entry” visa. The latter allows you to visit Canada as many times as you want during the duration of the visa. Therefore, how well you have prepared your application determines a lot. If you are not very confident about your visa application, you can easily get hold of the Top Immigration Lawyers in Guelph and ask for their assistance.

What to Do If the Application Is Denied?

There are chances that your application gets denied. This happens when you hastily prepare an application without any professional supervision. In these cases, you get the option to appeal to the Federal Court of Canada. Even though these appeals are hard to succeed, contacting Immigration Lawyers in Guelph can help a lot.

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